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Xenia/Dayton Special Event May 18th 2024

HF Radio Activity Group at Xenia Hamfest ’24

The HF activity Group Special Event Saturday the May 18th, 2024 at the Xenia/Dayton Hamvention . Visit the BuddiPole booth 3003-3006.

This is where we came from! The ManPack.

Our Roots will be evident, the HF Pack Group who claimed 18157.5 Mhz over 20 plus years ago, has a Xenia check in, via Portable, as in MAN PACK portable.

The AG MODerators around the world will assist coordinating the check-ins that call-in from Xenia and we will add them to our list. The AG maybe shortened for this Saturday for this event.

The HFpack Net will be held at the Hamvention on Saturday at 1PM EST on 18157.5 USB as in past years.  The Activity Group will start taking check-ins then, giving priority to stations at the flea market.  Requests should be by call area (0-9) since there may be quite a few.  The responding station will give their call, name, the equipment they’re using, and home QTH, a slight departure from the usual Activity Group procedure.  Then they can do the “Who hears me?” query.  Responses to that last will come only from stations outside the flea market.

We think that many will check-in early, as this Xenia event will start at 1700z, which is 30 minutes before our regular start time of 17:30GMT.  We will advise as time approaches.

What do I need to do? 
KEEP IT SHORT. This is a quick report from you. Example, ‘you are 57 in Atlanta’. That’s it.

Well then,  how do I participate?

    1. Get on the frequency at the indicated times, earlier if you want to help out and talk to the HAMS at Xenia using ManPack portables.
    2. As mentioned, keep it short, this will be a very busy net and we don’t know how many checkins we will have.
    3. Have fun!

“Xenia Check-in List”

1QSL Status info. This is the modifier that shows the status of the callsign.  Tell the MODs if you are I/O. DX IS ALWAYS S/T.
2Moderators will add the special XEN QSL modifier for this event.