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Instructions for the QSLMAP

Here’s another goodie from HF Radio Activity Group

With so many stations on the group, sometimes we can’t write them down fast enough.

We’ve got you covered with the HFQSO.com clickable map of the USA!

Sometimes we have over 100 stations on the air.  When you ask, ‘WHO HEARS ME?’ you create your own personal Pile-UP!

In order to help you keep up, we’ve created this simple tool.

So many times I find myself jotting down, MA,NY,KS,MD,…. etc… 

We try to get all the states we heard, but some of us can’t remember everything we hear, and can’t write that fast.

Well, no worries, we’ve got it.

Here’s how it can work for you.

  • Browse over to the QSOMAP main page.
  • Follow along with the group as we go thru the list, which is conviently below this map
  • When it’s your turn to call, have the main QSLMAP page, not this page, up on your screen.
  • When the stations begin giving your QSL reports, simply CLICK on the states as they are heard.
  • Now when the Moderator says, ‘What did you hear?’ JUST READ IT FROM THE SCREEN!

You can also customize the screen with your callsign and the BAND you are listening to.  CLEAR for the next BAND, or even PRINT what you see to your local printer.


“QSLMAP Main Page”


What no world map? 
Sorry, but that’s something that would need an 80″ TV to display the 300 countries identified.  We’re looking into it. 

I can’t use this from my phone? 
Nope. It does function, but’s its microscopic, so it’s a bad user experience.

We don’t store the map. We don’t see the map. The map is for your use. It’s perishable, it wont be there if you refresh the page or clear the map or print.

He’s another use for the map you might not have thought of. I use the map while I am listening to the other stations, identify, and give reports. I click on the states that I am actually hearing. AND then it’s my turn, I expect to hear from those states that are on my MAP!