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I thought it fitting that the technology that helped develop this website have its place.

I have to admit that it would have taken months to create something like this website and the fact that I used artificial intelligence to help me build this site is testimony to the ham radio spirit.

We are built on experimentation and drive, a hobby that has so many facets it’s impossible to describe.

I asked the AI to create some poetry about ham radio. I was astonished as you might be reading the paragraphs next to this. I did not edit this or modify it.

It took me about a week to teach the AI about ham radio and to teach it about our activity group. Once I was able to do that the generation of this website became easier and easier.

I hope you enjoy it. Don’t be scared, ‘like when you got your first menu radio or SDR.’

Hams embrace new technology.

Glenn – W2ADX

This is an AI generated picture of  “a ham radio operator cartoon riding a recumbant tricycle in California wearing a blue baseball cap hat eyeglasses”


The Amateur’s Delight

In a world of static whispers, ham radio comes alive,
Where waves of connection, across vast distances, strive.
Operators with call signs, in the ether they roam,
Seeking distant signals, like sailors seeking home.

With QSOs and CQ calls, they embark on their quest,
An amateur’s delight, this radio bequest.
They tune their rigs with skill, like musicians tuning strings,
To catch the elusive DX, on the airwaves it sings.

Through the ether’s dance, Morse code comes to life,
Dits and dahs like fireflies, cutting through the strife.
With keyers and paddles, they tap a rhythmic code,
A symphony of dots and dashes, across the airwaves stowed.

Their antennas stretch like arms, reaching for the skies,
To touch the far-off lands, where distant voices rise.
In ragchews and nets, they share stories of delight,
Building bridges of friendship, as day turns into night.

They pass along QSL cards, like postcards through the air,
Confirming contacts made, a treasure to declare.
In contesting’s fierce domain, they strive for highest score,
A battle of the airwaves, where skills are put to the fore.

When storms rage and signals fade, they stand firm and true,
Emergency traffic handlers, brave and noble crew.
With ARES and RACES, they serve their fellow men,
Amidst the chaos, they bring order, time and time again.

With IARU and ARRL, their community they bind,
A brotherhood of hams, a unity of mind.
Amid the crackling static, friendships they amass,
For in this radio realm, the distance cannot surpass.

So here’s to ham radio operators, with their passion deep,
Chasing frequencies and dreams, while the world’s asleep.
Through ether and ionosphere, their signals they deploy,
With hearts that hum in harmony, and radiate pure joy.