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WAS I HEARD? Submit QSL reports to the other hams

We ID every 10 min on the 10's


Please SELECT the correct Frequency Use this form to submit a QSL report of the stations your heard. These reports are not used for formal QSL confirmations.
Please use standard approved QSL services for official confirmations.
  1. What is this page?

    • This page allows you to interact with the group when your signal may be weaker, or not being heard. BUT, you can hear the other stations.
    • It’s easy to Submit a QSL report for today.
      They show up on this QSL report list for just today. Everyone who calls in doesn’t get on this list. 
      Sometimes when there are 100+ stations on the frequency this QSL report page can help you get your report thru
  1. Pro Tip

    • When stations ID on the 10s, enter their signal report! It’s a great way to let others know that they are being heard, even if it’s not your turn.

Please SELECT the correct Frequency
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