That’s a funny name for a radio group.  HF Radio Activity Group

What is all this about? Did someone need a radio check?

Why does the group call itself the “Activity Group”?

The HF Radio Activity Group started over 10+ years ago with a small group of radio operators, W3FF, W8YCM and more.  This group of radio operators would meet every day on a specific set of frequencies across multiple HF bands.

The purpose is twofold, first to determine what the propagation is in real time for that day, for no other reason than curiosity about radio. The second reason is to have fun using amateur radio.

Most people need structure and amateur radio operators are no different. The moderators provided a simple framework for amateur radio operators to follow that was familiar to them already.

They started by having all the stations identify themselves with their call signs and locations. And then, a station would call on the frequency, “This is W3FF, who hears me?

Stations all across the country and some from other countries would simply report the RST and their location.

Response: “You are 57 in Virginia” a station would say. Next a station would say “You are 5-6 in Florida today”. And that was it, the HF radio activity group was born.

Initially starting with a handful of five to six operators across the United States, has now become a thriving hub for the HF Radio Activity Group.

With over 100 stations per day across four different HF bands, our daily meetups are a testament to our dedication and passion for ham radio.

At the core of our operations are the moderators, who serve as the anchors of our community. Similar to net control operators in a standard HF net, these moderators are the glue that keeps us together.

Join us on the air today!